Our Club Blood Donation System

Probably everyone knows someone who has needed blood and its components in life saving treatments, helping accident victims, cancer patients, and mothers and newborn babies during childbirth.

To book appointments, Welsh Blood Service have given us our own Lliswerry Runners web link  

Here are comments from two of our club members who wanted to thank blood donors.

Approximately 350 donations of blood are required each day by the WBS to supply 20 hospitals.

The committee have agreed that as a club we could & should back a campaign from Welsh Blood Service (WBS) #GivingRunsInYourBlood

It’s easy for anyone aged between 17 and 66 to enrol online and become a lifesaving donor. From start to finish, the donation process takes up to 45 minutes, with the physical blood donation lasting only 5-10 minutes. I’ve tested this system out myself & it was easy.  It was also a much needed nudge as I hadn’t donated for 2 years.

Let’s support the campaign and book online to give blood!

Thanks Chris (Chair, Lliswerry Runners)