Safety Code


  1. Wellness – consider your own fitness to participate in the session
  2. Visibility – see & BE SEEN (wear high visibility gear &/or lights)
  3. Capability – chose an appropriate training group
  4. Security – run with others, never leave anyone behind
  5. Awareness – look, listen, take care of your club mates, stop at junctions & crossings, beware of other road users
  6. Courtesy – give way to pedestrians & slower runners 


1. Wellness

Please ensure that you are fit enough to complete the session. If you feel unwell, fatigued or carrying an injury then you should reconsider whether to run. The coaching team (Coaches & Run Leaders) are always happy & willing to advise. 

The temperature (hot or cold) can have a major affect on your well being. Consider hydration & protection from the sun in hot conditions. In extremely cold & wet conditions consider if your clothing is appropriate.

2. Visibility

You can never be too visible!

During the day, always wear bright or light-coloured clothing – hi viz is good. Wearing a head torch or carrying a light is an ideal way of being seen even in the daytime or in gloomy conditions.

At night, wear reflective clothing. Wear a light, head torch or take a small hand torch! It helps drivers & other road users see you. Always be cautious in traffic.

If you cannot see where you are putting your feet in the dark, SLOW DOWN OR WALK!

3. Capability

The club offers many different speed groups. Select a running group appropriate to your intended running speed. Then please stay in touch & follow the advice of the Run Leader.

The handicapping system used on some club sessions not only offers the best physical challenge but provides security & support. PLEASE DON’T endanger others by running (to fast or too slow) in the wrong group! The coaching team are always happy to advise.

4. Security

We pride ourselves with never leaving anyone behind or on their own for security & safety reasons.

Taking a mobile phone ensures you can obtain help for yourself & for others, so it is a recommended piece of safety equipment.

5. Awareness

Look & listen. Your ears are part of your personal safety equipment! If you listen to music while you run you are placing yourself at a higher risk of an accident. The wearing of headphones is banned for all club sessions.

Please take care of others during our sessions and by identifying risks and concerns to the coaching team & club officers so improvements can be made. In this way we can protect our members and preserve the club’s reputation for exemplary standards of safety.


NEVER run on the road when there are adequate pavements. NEVER run across the road in front of cars! DO NOT step off the pavement without checking ahead & behind. 

Pay particular attention at road junctions or entrances

WHEN THERE’S NO PAVEMENT, run on the safest side of the road to see & be seen. If this means crossing, do so with care.

DOG OWNERS – regrettably because of the numbers at club sessions we cannot allow dogs on our our midweek runs as they can become trip hazards. The opportunities for running with well behaved dogs are Newport parkrun & trail runs but owners take responsibility.


It is expected that every member acts as a safety role model


Do NOT force pedestrians into the road

Be polite, responsible and set a good example. Don’t put others at risk.


Please report any incidents, near misses, concerns about safety or security etc to the coaching team as soon as possible. It will help us improve safety standards in the future.


TRAIL SHOES ARE COMPULSORY. Trail running can involve climbing over stiles, running on uneven terrain such as fields, forest roads, rocky tracks, muddy paths. 

WATERPROOF/WINDPROOF JACKET IS COMPULSORY. Weather conditions can suddenly change, especially at height.

BEFORE STARTING, check the demands of the planned route. Trails are never flat so please ensure you are capable of finishing, otherwise you may become a danger to the group.

CONSIDER HOW YOU WOULD GET HELP: Stay with the group or regroup regularly. Make sure that you buddy up with a fellow runner for the duration of the session. Take a mobile & have contact details of the Leader. Carry a whistle & spare/emergency clothing. In hot weather, always carry water. 

TAKE CARE WHEN APPROACHING LIVESTOCK: Slow down or walk. Be particularly cautious & give a wide berth to cattle with calves. This is particularly risky if running with a dog.

TICKS: If running through long grass where livestock has been, always check for ticks. If you get a tick bite followed by a red ring round the bite, or start getting flu-like symptoms, see your doctor urgently – Lyme’s disease can be serious!

FOLLOW THE COUNTRY CODE: Close gates behind you. If you have to climb over gates, always climb over at the hinged end.