There are several regular sessions throughout the week, each with a different theme. On our most popular club nights we split into training groups, each with a leader or coach and which includes runners of the same speed (guide below).

Weekly Sessions

Monday Strength & Conditioning

Tailor made for our runners, this is a conditioning class (free to all members) with a qualified Physical Training Instructor.

It includes core strength and stretching, which help to prevent poor running form and injury.

Tuesday Medium Pace Runs

These are medium pace (or Tempo) runs that are typically 8-10 km in distance. We like to start off our slower groups first and everyone finishes together for safety & security.

See the routes here.

There’s also “SLOGs” a social running group who meet at 9:30am at Tredegar House.

Wednesday Intervals

Interval training can be on the running track, on hills, grass or on road, according to the time of year and the objective of the session. Members are split into our training groups before the session to ensure you are coached to the right level. These sessions challenge runners to run faster over shorter distances and are the most popular session of the week.

Thursday Easy Intervals

This session can be used by anyone returning from a spell of not running to get them back up to speed. It’s also ideal for beginners.

There’s also “SLOGs”, a social running group who meet for a daytime hilly run. This starts at 9:30am from 14 Locks car park.

Friday 6@6

This is an easy paced run of approximately 6 miles at 6pm. There’s lots of regrouping and nobody gets left behind. A great way to unwind if you’ve had a stressful week!

Saturday parkrun

5km run at any of the local parkrun events, some staged by our club members.

Sunday long slow runs

Typically over 6miles/10km and anything up to 20miles/32km. All at “conversational” pace.

The routes and exact distances varies each week.

Risk Assessment

The club’s General Risk Assessment can be found HERE

Race Time Predictor

Couch to 5k