AGM Minutes – 16th November 2022



  1. Introduction – Chris Davies
  2. Treasurers Report – Gayle Sheppard
  3. Training & Club Competition – Laud Lauder / Emma Wookey
  4. Club Survey Feedback – Chris Davies
  5. Constitution Update and Vote – Randal Jones
  6. Election of Management Committee 2022/23 and Vote – Randal Jones
  7. Draw for club places in Lliswerry 8 and London Marathon draws – Randal Jones
  8. Any other Business

Items 1 – 3

See Slide Deck here presented on the night for content

Item 4 Club Survey Feedback

The club survey results can be found here


RJ advised that a vote was required on the revised constitution sent out by CD on 25 October to all members along with details of tonight’s AGM.

CD explained the key amendments.

RJ then asked for those in favour of the changes to vote with a show of hands. The changes were carried unanimously.


RJ explained that Section 8 of the Club Constitution, which deals with the AGM, paragraph b requires all members of the management committee to resign their posts and seek re-election (if they wish) annually.

Three members have decided not to seek re-election.

  • Gayle Sheppard – Treasurer
  • Olly Hughes – General Committee Member
  • Martyn Jones – Male Welfare Officer

Gayle, Olly and Martyn were all thanked for their service and contribution to the Club and Committee.

RJ advised that three members have put their names forward for each of the positions and that the members were required to approve their election to the committee.

  • Treasurer – Phil Lee
  • General Committee Member – David Brown
  • Male Welfare Officer – Nicholas Webb

RJ then asked for those in favour of the election of Phil, David, and Nicholas to vote with a show of hands. The vote for each was carried unanimously and all were elected to the committee.

Finally, RJ asked the members to approve the re-election of the remaining management committee members who were standing again. A show of hands was requested, and the re-election was carried unanimously.

Item 7 – Draw for club places in Lliswerry 8 and London Marathon draws

London Marathon Draw

RJ explained that the Club didn’t yet have any allocation yet from LM for 2023. Clubs must apply by 23 November and will then be informed if they have been successful by Tuesday 29 November. The Club is hopeful of 4 places based on our membership numbers. No reserves are being drawn.

The following members were successful.

  • Dee Thomas
  • Dave Prowse
  • Leanne Westacott
  • Martin Talbot

Lliswerry 8 Draw

There were 8 places available plus 4 reserves. The following members were successful.


  • Suzanne Taylor
  • Lee Smith
  • Angela Potter
  • James Brown
  • Lorraine Fergus
  • Fiona Rogers
  • John Maloney
  • Francoise Darwish


  • Lloyd Williams
  • Jacqueline Underwood
  • Roni Margerison
  • Maria Homfray

Item 8 – Any other Business

There was no other business, so CD closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

Randal Jones – Club Secretary