Half Marathon training plan – Low Mileage


  • Already up to 6+ miles
  • Already at 15 miles per week

Targets before main event

  • If you can fit a 10km event in, aim to run this at half marathon target pace,but no closer than 3 weeks before
  • Use races as a practice event for the marathon,look at fuelling, hydration, meals the night before.

General Structure

  • Up to 4 runs per week using club sessions & parkruns (maximise training in company)
  • At least one day of complete rest
  • Contains 1 easy week per month for recovery & remotivation. Also provides contingency in case of injury.
  • Longest run builds up to 13 miles.
  • Weekly mileage builds up gradually to around 25 miles.
  • Every 3rd/4th week, have a blast at parkrun but don’t go all out every week!

VI friendly plan