Half and Full Marathon Training Plans

Full Marathon


  • London Marathon – 23rd April 2023
  • 16 Week + schedule for a target time

There are three plans:-

  • Low mileage – Targets Groups 5 & 6 or any beginners looking to run their first marathon
  • Medium mileage – Targets Groups 3 & 4 * For those with marathon experience looking to improve PB
  • High Mileage – Targets Groups 1 & 2 & top of group 3 * For those with marathon experience looking to improve PB

Half marathon plans

There are also three plans for the half marathon:-


  • Don’t become a slave to the schedule but use it as a guideline
  • If possible get someone to run with, particularly the long runs, even if they run only part of it with you.
  • Some weeks it won’t be possible to follow (personal reasons, injury etc), so change the days to suit your schedule
  • Tues/Weds runs. Impossible to do quality for both, so focus on one & run the other at a lower intensity
  • Avoiding injury Each week we recommend to do at least one cross-training session per week with particular focus on strength and conditioning
  • The club offers a free strength & conditioning session each week on a Monday with Jacqui
  • Swimming is particularly good to recover after the long run.
  • Yoga & pilates are complimentary
  • Create a daily stretching routine.
  • In the case that an injury is suspected, lay off and consider cross training (bike, swim etc)
  • If a niggle becomes an injury consider getting professional advice (physiotherapy etc) DO NOT RUN THROUGH AN INJURY

REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE; It is better to get to the marathon start line slightly undertrained and uninjured, than fully trained but injured!

Key for plans

RaceUse as a benchmark to see how training is progressing – DO NOT USE 20 MILE RACES AS A RACE!
Easy RunConversational pace
Brisk runTempo = Comfortably fast. Threshold = One word answer pace
Interval (speed) sessionNot easy to talk
RestComplete rest, swim, stretch or yoga
Long RunThese should be run at approximately 1-2mins above your marathon goal pace