Juniors Club Championship details


The Juniors Club Championship is inclusive and encourages friendly rivalry within individuals’ training groups and across the club as whole. It also encourages individuals to try different types of events, that they may not otherwise have considered.


When selecting events, a number of considerations were made, including:

  • Having a range of different types of events, i.e. Distance, terrain etc.
  • Event capacity and thus capability for individuals to have a fair opportunity to obtain an entry.
  • Event costs have also been considered, with the majority of events not being prohibitively expensive.
  • Having a range of local events.
  • Having a range of week days on which events take place.


There are a number of different events to choose with a wide variety of distances, terrains and locations.

  • Your best 6 events will count.
  • Events will be scored as follows: 150 points for first place, down to 1 point for 150th place (JM11-14 / JM15-17, JW11-14 / JW15-17, JM10, JW10, Boys U8 & Girls U8 are all scored separately).
  • Individuals will be split by age categories (age as of the 1st of January at the start of the year), with awards for individuals that achieve the most points within their given Age Category from their 6 best events.


  • Only events participated in after the individual has become a member, will count. If an individual moves up to the senior training / club championship, points will no longer be scored in the juniors club championship.
  • In the event of any award finishing in a draw, the individual with the highest overall points will win. If this still doesn’t determine a winner, joint winners will be declared.