Lliswerry 8 Volunteers

This page show the roles and duties for the Lliswerry 8 race for 2022

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Start/Finish Team – NP19 4RP

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Gavin Perkins09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team leadSet up start pens
Sarah Skuse09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish TeamKeep access areas clear
Nick Cadman09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish TeamPrevent urination
Gaynor Lugg09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish TeamMove groups to start line
Nick Rees09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish TeamClear start area
Alison Sheedy09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish TeamMarshal finishing runners
Claire Price09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish TeamMarshal finished runners
Ellie Jones09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team
Alison Ellis09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team
Louise Hopkins09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team
Bernadette Wilkinson09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team
David Prowse09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team
Lorraine Fergus09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team
Dee Thomas09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team
Rachel Kennedy09:00Lliswerry SchoolStart/Finish Team

Finish Area Team – NP19 4RP

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Randal Jones09:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Team LeadSet up finish area & water
Angela Potter09:30Lliswerry SchoolBefore Finish LineKeep area clear
Siobhan McCulloch09:30Lliswerry SchoolBefore Finish LineKeep runners moving
Eve Rowlands09:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish FunnelHand out water
James Scrimshire09:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish FunnelAlert First Aid if any problems
Barbara Wilkinson09:30Lliswerry SchoolAfter Finish Line
Tracey Arthur09:30Lliswerry SchoolAfter Finish Line
Morwenna Phillips10:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Water Station
Imogen Hurn10:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Water Station
Amber Hurn10:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Water Station
Oliver Hughes10:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Water Station
Catrin Reed10:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Water Station
Kate Morgan10:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Water Station
Isabelle Morgan10:30Lliswerry SchoolFinish Water Station

T Shirt Team – NP19 4RP

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Louise Muteham10:30Lliswerry SchoolT-shirts Team LeadSet up T shirt station
Carys Williams10:30Lliswerry SchoolT shirtsHandout T shirts as marked
Chrissi Williams10:30Lliswerry SchoolT shirtsStrikethrough race numbers
Wendy Brady10:30Lliswerry SchoolT-shirtsGuide runners out
Samantha Potter10:30Lliswerry SchoolT-shirts
Zachary Potter10:30Lliswerry SchoolT-shirts
David Jones10:30Lliswerry SchoolT-shirts
Jac Jones10:30Lliswerry SchoolT-shirts

Course Marshals

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Rachel Avon09:45NISV (Pool)MarshalHaulage Centre (near start)
Gareth Yeoman09:45NISV (Pool)MarshalHaulage Centre (near start)
David Proffitt09:45NISV (Pool)MarshalFords/Mazda T junction
Karen Penny09:45NISV (Pool)MarshalFords/Mazda T junction
Mark Faulkner09:45NISV (Pool)MarshalFords/Mazda T junction
Martin Talbot09:45NISV (Pool)MarshalFords Exit
Andy Wright09:45NISV (Pool)MarshalGreenfield House (after Fords)

Course Marshals – Pye Corner – NP18 2BT

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Kevin Russell09:30NISV (Pool)Lead MarshalPye Corner Lead
Kristian sinclair09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Jon Stones09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Brigette widdas09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Diane williams09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Kerry Sweetman09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Mandy Sharp09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Clare Biddlecombe09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Sarah Francis09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Mike Titley09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Nicola Sinclair09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Howard Attwood09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Yvonne Forsey09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Jon East09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Andrew09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner
Dan Whaites09:30NISV (Pool)MarshalPye Corner

Course Marshals – Broad St Common Corner – NP18 2BE

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Richard Costello09:40NISV (Pool)MarshalThen move to Speed Sensor (Thro’ Straits Lane, turn right)
Neil Sidney09:40NISV (Pool)MarshalThen move to Speed Sensor (Thro’ Straits Lane, turn right)
Mark Breese09:40NISV (Pool)MarshalThen move to Speed Sensor (Thro’ Straits Lane, turn right)
Bob Watson09:40NISV (Pool)MarshalThen move to West Nash Rd
Barry Williams09:40NISV (Pool)MarshalThen move to West Nash Rd

Course Marshals – Broad St Common – NP18 2BA

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Rhys Bebb09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalStraits Lane T-junction (& check haulage yard)
John Williams09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalStraits Lane T-junction (& check haulage yard)
Hannah Jenkins09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalChapel Road (Outgoing)
John Maloney09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalChapel Road (Outgoing)
Richard Talbot09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalGate entrance before National Grid, reminding “Keep left” .
Leanne phillips09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalNational Grid, reminding “Keep left” .
Anna Mitrjaikina09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalNational Grid, reminding “Keep left” .
Julian Taylor09:50NISV (Pool)MarshalNational Grid, reminding “Keep left” .

Course Marshals – Hump back bridge – NP18 2BA

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
John Hill10:10NISV (Pool)Lead MarshalHump back bridge Lead
Ros Burgess10:10NISV (Pool)Marshal
Julia Davies10:10NISV (Pool)Marshal
Dave Westley10:10NISV (Pool)Marshal
Ann Westley10:10NISV (Pool)Marshal

Course Marshals – Whitson (Porton Rd junction, bridge & bends) – NP18 2PJ

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Lloyd Williams10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bends & narrow bridge
Laura Mcloughlin10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bends & narrow bridge
Emma Mitchell10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bends & narrow bridge
Suzanne Taylor10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bends & narrow bridge

Course Marshals – Goldcliff, RH turn & T-junction to Sea Wall – NP18 2PH

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Stuart Salvage10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bend & junction
Sharron Mulcahy10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bend & junction
Laura Bailey10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bend & junction
Emma Manning10:10NISV (Pool)MarshalBlind bend & junction

Course Marshals – Goldcliff to West Nash Rd

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
John Dally10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalLane (2 Footpath posts / Common View Cottage) – NP18 2PH
Tracy Dally10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalLane (2 Footpath posts / Common View Cottage)
Paul price10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalChapel Road (return) near Farmers Arms
Potter10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalChapel Road (return) near Farmers Arms
John Edwards10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalThe Hawthorns
Dawn Edwards10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalThe Hawthorns
Rob Davies10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalBoat Road
Gayle Sheppard10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalBoat Road
Sonja Breese10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalSaltmarsh Lane – NP18 2AT
Jayne Bentall10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalSaltmarsh Lane – NP18 2AT
Elizabeth Kenward10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalHenton Farm entrance
Jacqueline Davidge10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalHenton Farm entrance

Course Marshals – West Nash Rd – NP18 2AQ

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Stuart Lukins10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalWest Nash Rd T-junction
Stephen avery10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalWest Nash Rd T-junction
Neil Chipper10:00NISV (Pool)MarshalWest Nash Rd T-junction

Car Parking

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Julie Davies09:00StadiumCar Parking LeadGuide drivers from roadway
Phil Lee09:00StadiumCar ParkingCompact parking at Stadium
Hannah Jeans-Wells09:00StadiumCar ParkingOverflow at swimming pool car park
Sarah Beach09:00StadiumCar Parking
Hayley Edwards09:00StadiumCar Parking
Amanda Toms09:00StadiumCar Parking

Race Makers

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Ruth Ovey09:30StadiumRace Maker LeadGuiding participants to/from start
Sally Austin09:30StadiumRace MakerLliswerry’s happy meet & greet team
Kelly Thomas09:30StadiumRace Maker
Jodie Brincat09:30StadiumRace Maker
Helen Newton09:30StadiumRace Maker
Kate Medhurst09:30StadiumRace Maker
Deb Knight-Davis09:30StadiumRace Maker
AnneMarie Horsfield09:30StadiumRace Maker
Roni Margerison09:30StadiumRace Maker
Layla Kirtley-Collison09:30StadiumRace Maker
AnneMarie Horsfield09:30StadiumRace Maker
Julie Bates09:30StadiumRace Maker
Tamanda TC Godwin09:30StadiumRace Maker
Megan Smith09:30StadiumRace Maker

Medical Back Up

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Andrew JohnsonNISV (Pool)Porton Rd Junction, WhitsunFirst Aid with defib
Sian Jones10:15NISV (Pool)Medical Car at Pye CornerFirst Aid
Martyn Jones10:15NISV (Pool)Medical Car at Pye CornerFirst Aid
Huw Evans10:15NISV (Pool)Finish AreaFirst Aid

Lead/Tail Cars

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Paul Dursley08:30Lliswerry SchoolRace set up & lead car
Lynda Dursley08:30Lliswerry SchoolRace set up & lead car
Jo Love11:00Lliswerry SchoolTail Car(Behind ambulance)

Tail Walkers

NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Julia Groombridge11:00Lliswerry SchoolTail WalkerWith last walker/runner
Maria Atkin11:00Lliswerry SchoolTail WalkerWith last walker/runner
Trudy Hurford10:45Lliswerry SchoolSupportWith Jude Gillan
Teej Dew10:45Lliswerry SchoolSupportWith Jude Gillan


NameTimeMeeting PointRoleDuties
Ian CookPhotographyStart/Finsh
Christopher HillPhotographyPye Corner
Nick DaviesPhotographyHump back bridge