Lliswerry 8

This 8 mile race has been hosted by Lliswerry Runners for over 35 years.  Nicknamed the “flattest race on the planet”, its route takes you around the country lanes of Goldcliff and Nash villages on the edge of Newport.  Marshalled by our club members, you are assured of being well looked after with huge smiles, cheers and words of encouragement.

For some runners, the Lliswerry 8 is used as a time trial race leading up to spring marathon season. For others, it’s a chance to run their first road race knowing that the course is not too demanding. We understand everyone has their own target, from those at the sharp end to those just starting out.  Our club prides itself on being inclusive and the Lliswerry 8 is no exception!

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Lliswerry 8 – 2022

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The 2022 results are provisional.