High Cross Horror

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Start/FinishOutside the Riverfront Theatre

Route Specific Safety Information

  • Defibrillators
    • University of South Wales Riverfront Campus NP20 2BP
    • Newport Railway Station, Platform 2 NP20 4AX
    • Whiteheads Sports Club, Park View, Bassaleg NP10 8LA
  • Remind runners to observe Safety Code. (In particular, bright clothing & not running in road)
  • Behind Newport Station cross Mill St at ZEBRA CROSSING (by Indian takeaway)
  • cross Queen’s Hill (care at junction) uphill on Fields Rd & RIGHT side of Fields Park Rd, be careful of household recycling boxes on pavements
  • At end of Fields Park Rd, cross to the right of mini roundabout to LEFT side of Risca Rd
  • Take care crossing M4 slip road – FAST TRAFFIC
  • REGROUP at Civic Centre car park. Avoid lone runners passing through subway at Old Green Crossing (by Castle).
  • Runners MUST observe Safety Code