SLOGs – a special mix of daytime runners!

With no higher aspirations than your average sloth, a small group of retirees decided that their biorhythms would be better suited to daytime running sessions. Originally called the LOGs (Lliswerry Old Guys), these happy folk regularly met twice per week. Once the pandemic arrived and there was the need to self isolate, it was felt that the name SLOG should be adopted. Being close enough to “sloth” it’s stuck!

Picture of a Sloth

Now, the group has grown from the original half dozen to about 3 times that number & the average age is coming down! We all share the flexibility to run in the daytime (09:30 Tuesday from Tredegar House for intervals & 09:30 Thursday from 14 Locks for hills). See here for the routes. There’s no cost. There’s a fair amount of banter between members of Lliswerry, Newport Harriers, San Domenico & Griffithstown but you don’t need to be a member of a club, just a thick skin & a sense of humour!