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LLISWERRY RUNNERS JUNIORS started in 2016. The club meets for training at 5:30pm, every Wednesday at the NISV track. All abilities are welcomed. Training is provided by a team of UK Athletics Qualified and DBS-Certified coaches and Leaders. Every week we organise structured juniors training sessions, to help everyone improve and have fun. We provide help and advice and recommend the weekly Newport junior parkrun (2K), which takes place at 10am every Sunday morning, at Tredegar House.
We currently have runners aged from 4 to 16 years. Please get in touch via the contact form at the top of the page to arrange a taster session.

Yearly Membership fee = £70 (£15 for Month 1 which includes Welsh Athletics registration. Then £5 per month for 11 months collected by GoCardless)

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Emma Wookey - junior lead
Emma Wookey – Junior Lead
Clare Roberts - Junior Welfare Officer
Clare Roberts – Junior Welfare Officer

If you have any membership queries, please contact: membership.lliswerry@gmail.com

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Our Training & Track Etiquette

Safety code and codes of conduct – updated 24/12/23

  1. Parents and runners: training sessions will start at 5:30pm and we ask that no runners come onto the track before then. This gives the coaches time to make sure the track is clear, setup any equipment and also ensure that all of the juniors can warm up together.
  2. Parents, if there is anything specific that your child needs, or that coaches need to know about your child, be it long-term, temporary or a one-off, please do let a coach know. This is to make sure they, and their training group, can have a session that is suitable and enjoyable.
  3. Parents are asked to register runners in advance for sessions via the club system. This is to allow coaches to plan the groups and coaches/helpers: runners ratio, to ensure sessions are safe and enjoyable’.
  4. Parents, it would be incredibly helpful if you could ensure that young runners have used the loo before the session begins. This is to avoid them missing out on part of the session.
  5. Runners who are in year 4 or younger, if they need the loo during the session, they need to be taken by their parent, and then returned to their coach. This is because the stadium is accessible to the public and coaches cannot have very young people without supervision in/around the building, nor can they escort them to the loo.
  6. If a runner cannot, or does not want, to complete, or engage with, a session, they may be returned to their parent. This is to avoid runners being left ‘idle’ at track side, and to allow coaches to focus on delivering the session.
  7. Parents are expected to remain at track side during the session. This is so that runners can return to them if for whatever reason they do not finish the session.
  8. We ask runners to keep water bottles and extra clothing away from the track. This is to avoid them becoming trip hazards
  9. Coaches will encourage runners to “look before you cross” the track, and to keep to their allocated lanes. This is to avoid collisions as the track does get busy!
  10. Runners are expected to stay on the track during the session – no leaving the track (for instance for the stand) for breaks or chin wags. This is so that coaches can keep track of where the runners are, and so that the training session does not get disrupted by ‘herding’ runners.
  11.  Coaches, parents and runners will treat each other with respect.

Welsh Athletics – Codes Of Conduct for Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Club, Volunteers & Officials are HERE