Lliswerry Juniors

About the Juniors


LLISWERRY RUNNERS JUNIORS started in 2016. The club meets for training at 5:30pm, every Wednesday, at the NISV track. All abilities are welcomed. Training is provided by a team of UK Athletics Qualified and DBS-Certified coaches and Leaders. Every week we organise structured juniors training sessions, to help everyone improve and have fun. We provide help and advice and recommend the weekly Newport junior parkrun (2K), which takes place at 10am every Sunday morning, at Tredegar House.
We currently have runners aged from 4 to 16 years.

Yearly Membership fee = £70 (£15 for Month 1 which includes Welsh Athletics registration. Then £5 per month for 11 months collected by GoCardless)

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Emma Wookey – Junior Lead
Clare Roberts – Junior Welfare Officer

If you have any membership queries, please contact: neil-e@live.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Training & Track Etiquette

Safety code and codes of conduct

  1. Training sessions will start at 5:40pm and ask that no juniors come onto the track before then
    • This gives the coaches time to make sure the track is clear, setup any equipment and also ensure that all of the juniors can warm up together
  2. Please keep water bottles and extra clothing away from the track
    • This is to avoid them becoming trip hazards
  3. Please encourage your juniors to “look before you cross” the track as much as possible during the session and limit visits to the stand
    • this is to avoid collisions
  4. Absolutely no running in the stands or terraces
    • This is for safety
  5. Treat all others (runners, coaches, parents) with respect
    • We follow the Welsh Athletics Codes of Conduct

Welsh Athletics – Codes Of Conduct for Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Club, Volunteers & Officials are HERE