Celebrating success – Jack Roland

As we tuned into the TV, captivated by the London Marathon, Jack Rowland was off on his own epic adventure! Representing East Wales, he conquered the challenging terrain of the British Senior Inter-Counties Mountain Running Championships in Cumbria. Scaling 900m over 16km, Jack blazed through the course in an impressive 1:29:23! 🏔️

But that was just the warm-up! Fast forward a week later, and Jack was lacing up his shoes again, this time for the Newport Marathon. And boy, did he deliver! Crossing the finish line in 2:51:53, he smashed his personal best by a staggering 28 minutes! 🎉🏅

From mountain peaks to city streets, Jack’s determination and grit know no bounds! Huge congrats, Jack, on two incredible races! 🙌👟

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