Lliswerry members help Ukraine aid effort

We’re normally keen to share what club members achieve wearing their running shoes, but the club’s community spirit has been raised to another level.

David Jones plea for help in our Members Facebook Group didn’t go ignored. He’d volunteered for a couple of hours supporting the “Women of Newport” action group sorting donations for Ukrainian migrants arriving in Poland. Immediately being overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done and the necessity to help those fleeing the war, he appealed to club members to help.

Teej, Trudy, Ellie, CJ, Tim & Paul all pitched in to give their time. David himself ended up giving 3 days of effort to enable the sorting of kind donations of a wide range of items and then loading onto a transporter for the long drive east.

You may ask “how can we help?”. HERE is the link to the Doodle booking system to offer your time.

Here’s David’s account of what happened:

“Mid last week I saw on Facebook that the Women Of Newport were asking for volunteers to help sort through the many thousands of items that had been donated for the Ukrainians who had fled the war into Poland. I signed up on their Doodle page to help out for 2 hours- I ended up doing over 30 hours over the course of the next few days. I wanted to do my bit to help the people caught up in the dreadful scenes in Ukraine.   The Doodle webpage is active for people to sign up for volunteering (link below). The kind of items that were being sorted, counted, boxed up and put in pallets were baby food, nappies, toiletries etc and there were literally tens of thousands of them. They were aiming to fill a lorry that was leaving for Poland on Saturday with as many pallets as possible. It soon became apparent that there were too few people to do the sorting, counting and boxing. I posted the request for help on Thursday evening and several amazing people from the club gave up their time on Friday to come along and help (some came more than once!) and all the hard work from our guys and other brilliant people from all over South Wales who had also come to help, meant that the truck that left Newport on Saturday was FULL! “

“This was a fantastic opportunity to give something back and also play a small part in helping these poor people. I think that the Women of Newport have organized more shipments, so I’ve no doubt that they would welcome any help from our club with open arms. I suspect that the initiative will continue for some time. Hopefully some of the amazing people from the club may be able to help out in the coming days/weeks.

2 thoughts on “Lliswerry members help Ukraine aid effort”

  1. Christine Jones

    Great work. Good on you Dai and all those willingly doing their bit for as you say those ‘poor people’ It’s heartbreaking and other than donate I can’t really do anything more but Davids doing it in my name also. X

  2. We are so very proud of Dai and his leadership. This is what our club is all about. Compassion, community spirit and helping others.

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