Beware of beauty spot’s hidden dangers!

There was never a nicer run, especially on a summer evening, than around Llandegvedd Reservoir but beware, Dwr Cymru have installed a crazy new pay for parking system in their car park. What’s more, it relies upon your mobile having good reception to download the app & if you ignore it you’re likely to end up with a fine.

Not only did the system not work on my credit card, it didn’t work on Apple Pay which uses a different credit card. If you do manage to succeed, you have to enter loads of personal details to register and it will charge you £3 for all day parking and 20p “Convenience Charge”.

I’m a patient sort of guy but I went into orbit. 15mins after arriving in the car park & nearing the 20 mins you are allowed free, I gave up and decided to try to pay at a machine which I noticed on the way down to the cafe. But no, this was “out of order”. So I continued down to the cafe and told the lady there who said “oh, that system hasn’t worked properly since it was installed” and produced a piece of paper and a pen to write my car reg. Couldn’t make it up.

It is a wonderful spot, with a great cafe overlooking the reservoir. Currently you can’t run or walk all the way round because a section of path is closed temporarily to protect nesting birds but a 3 mile out & (same) back route on the far side is possible. Take care!

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