Our first Canicross Race

Man running with dog on hill

Redkite Canitrail 10k

Man smiling whilst running with a dog
Smiles after the first climb

What can i say about our first event together other than it was a lot of fun.

We turned up on the saturday morning eager to see what we could do on the day with the family tagging along for support.
You could feel the adrenaline in the air, the dogs were all itching to go and so was the firelord but we had to wait our turn as we were the last to set off (we were last alphabetically).

First mile in and we were faced with a massive hill start so we decided to pace ourselves early on and slowly started picking off our fellow canicrossers one by one.

Things levelled out at mile 2 but then we hit another mini climb between mile 3 & 4, whilst all this was happening for the first time the firelord paid no attention to the roaming sheep, this was a first, he was in the zone, focused on the task at hand and so was I.

The downhill section at Mile 4 was very much welcomed but before we knew it we were back up to another climb at mile 5.

A dog running
Man running downhill with dog towards camera

In the distance we saw a familar face, Kristian and Hugo, our fellow lliswerians,which was a welcome sight.
We all climbed up the section at Mile 5 besides the confusing instructions being bellowed by one of the marshalls, we were unsure if we were suppose to run left or right but apparently she was speaking to the incoming traffic and not us.

As soon as we sorted out the miscommunication, the firelord let rip. He went into his avatar state and we were 5 minute mile-ing for the last 1k till we crossed the finishline.

Not easy navigating downhill at such a pace with the loose stones and muddy tracks but we were really flying with confidence at this stage, the finishline was in sight, one final push.

Success, we had done it, our 1st event without any hiccups and best of all, he managed to pull us to a 3rd place male finisher and 5th overall in the standings.

The Firelord did good, all those days spent together running when i thought he was not paying attention to training cues,he actually followed them all on the day, goes to show he does listen but he just pretends half the time to whine me up.

If anything, this has further strengthen the bond between us. Can’t wait till our next event.

Smiling man with dog at the finish
Finish Line Feels 🙂

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  1. Amazing blog Victor. Well done to the great Firelord. If there was Lliswerry Dog Of the Year he’d be in with a shout (well a bark!).

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